The 5 Best Places To Admire The Cherry Blossoms This Spring In Toronto

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The 5 Best Places To Admire The Cherry Blossoms This Spring In Toronto

The cherry blossoms are expected to bloom as early as April.

According to Sakura Watch in High Park, cherry blossom season has officially begun. Late fortuitous weather and mild precipitation, the website states, have lead to the early budding of the Japanese Sakura trees. Images from High Park show healthy-looking, well-rounded buds in “deep bronze colors” in the initial stages of development. While this is merely the beginning of a 6-stage process — one that is highly weather dependent — all present signs are showing a “possible bloom at some point between late April to early May.”

But where to see this beautiful swell of pink, white, and fuchsia? We’ve compiled a list of the five best places in Toronto to adore this enchanting spectacle of nature. [Featured image: @amazingcolej]

1. High Park

This won’t come off as a surprise. As the setting of its own Cherry Blossom Festival, High Park is without doubt the best place to admire the wonderful flowering trees. It was also the first city park to have them. Back in 1959, 2,000 trees were planted in High Park as a gift from the Japanese ambassador on behalf of the citizens of Tokyo.

To this day, the trees continue to blossom every spring in a rich splendor all around the park. For the best view, stroll down Cherry Hill and lose yourself in the radiant display of the enchanting grove on Hillside Gardens overlooking Grenadier Pond.

2.  Etobicoke’s Centennial Park

Formally a dairy farm, the park located in northwest Toronto is home to the second largest collection of cherry blossoms. For the dreamiest views of the blooming trees, take the pathway along Rathburn Road at the northeast of the Centennial Park Conservatory just west of Elmcrest Road.

3. Trinity Bellwoods Park

The backdrop of the CN Tower through the ethereal vision of blooming pink trees offers what might be the most Toronto view of the cherry blossoms. Be sure to take the path from Trinity Circle to the corner of Gore Vale Avenue and Queen Street West for the best sighting!

4. Centre Island

Centre Island is a great destination to go on the weekend. Take the day and explore the beauty of the island. In addition to the cherry blossoms at Toronto Island park, Centre Island offers a panoramic view of the city. Take the ferry and saunter down to the south side of the bridge near the fountain for the most impressive sightings of the cherry blossoms.

5. York University

Education isn’t the only thing that you will find at this university. There are 250 cherry trees planted across the grounds of York’s 500-acre campus. This creates the perfect setting to gaze, stroll, or curl up with a book under a canopy of cherry blossoms.

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