Want To Know Which Patios Are Open In Toronto? There’s A Site For That

Gabriel Nunes Gabriel Nunes

Want To Know Which Patios Are Open In Toronto? There’s A Site For That

A way to tell which restaurants are currently open for business in Toronto has arrived!

With all the frequent changes to safety measures and guidelines, as well as businesses temporarily closing or permanently shutting down due to COVID-19, you may be stumped on where to get food from in Toronto when you don’t feel like cooking. But struggle no more — there’s a new website to help!

Just this week, Destination Toronto launched To Go Toronto, a resource that allows you to quickly and easily check which Toronto restaurants are currently offering takeout, delivery, and patio dining. Since indoor dining in restaurants is currently prohibited in Toronto, this site will help those looking for alternative options.

To use it, you simply need to head to the website and select to view either takeout, delivery, or patio dining options. All the restaurants that have registered with To Go Toronto will appear based on your selection, and you can further filter these results according to your preferences. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check which patio options are open right now!

Please remember that we should still be taking the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and others safe during these times.

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