11 Fancy Chocolate Shops In Toronto Perfect For Valentine’s Day Gifts

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11 Fancy Chocolate Shops In Toronto Perfect For Valentine’s Day Gifts

Where to find good quality chocolate-based gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Everyone knows that chocolate is the default gift on Valentine’s Day. So, how do you make it look like you’ve made a lot of effort? Got to one of these fancy chocolatiers, of course!

1. Soul Chocolate, Riverdale

Photo: soulchocolate

Inspired by a little café in New Zealand, this chocolate shop if full of delicious looking things to gift your loved one. You can buy chocolate to eat and also chocolate to drink, which sounds like a good combo. Chocolate bars like the one pictures about sell for around $5 online.

More information is available on their website.

2. De Meersman, Bloor Street

Photo: demeersmanchocolate

Here you can choose from an amazing selection, all masterminded by a Belgian native, making excellent Belgian chocolate in Toronto. You can select chocolates from the counter and put together a bespoke gift for Valentine’s Day.

Their website offers more information

3. Stubbe Chocolates, Annex

Photo: stubbechocolates

The chef here, Daniel Stubbe, creates German chocolates. He is a sixth generation confectioner so you would expect the chocolate here to be pretty good! They also sell some amazing looking pastries and cakes so why not tuck into one of those while you’re there?

You can read more about them on their website.

4. SOMA Chocolatemaker, Distillery District

Photo: SOMAchocolatemaker

This small-scale chocolate factory is capable of producing chocolates that look too good to be real. It I based within The Gooderham Worts Distillery Site, which is actually a National Historic Site and it is worth going, even just to explore. There are several different places selling hand-crafted wares here and SOMA also sells freshly-made ice-cream on their patch.


You can find more information on their website.

5. CXBO Chocolates, Kensington Market

Photo: cxbo_chocolates

These chocolates are seriously photogenic, owing both to the chef, Brandon Olsen and Sarah Kennlyside, who is an artist. Her designs are very vivid and eye-catching – definitely Valentine’s Day material. They also sell painted chocolate eggs and chocolate bars, which are just as beautiful as the chocolate bonbons pictured above.

More information is available on their website.

6. Ambiance Chocolat, Davisville Village

Photo: ambiancechocolat

This chocolate store places emphasis on their use of, ‘socially responsible chocolate and packaging (the cocoa beans are direct trade; the packaging is recycled and recyclable).’ They also believe that chocolate should be available to everyone and have based their pricing around this concept. There flavors are also quite adventurous, from scotch whiskey to green tea ganache and manuka honey.

You can find more information on their website.

7. The Chocolateria, Roncesvalles

Photo: thechocolateria

Their website states that they ‘will dip anything in chocolate’. Sounds painful, but apparently they’re talking about ‘potato chips, we have chocolate covered ginger, orange peel, house roasted nuts, pretzels, twizzlers, sponge toffee and many more items to choose from’. In addition to the chocolate-dipped items, they have chocolates that look beautiful and a selection of other sweets like caramels.

You can find more information on their website.

8. Chocolate By Wickerhead, Beaches

Photo: chocolatebywickerhead

There is an extensive list of chocolate on offer at Chocolate By Wickerhead, including one option shaped like Buddha, loads of vegan options and popcorn dipped in different varieties of chocolate. You can actually buy tubs of chocolate covered popcorn.

You can read more about them on their website.

9. Mary’s Brigadeiro, The Danforth

Photo: marysbrigadeiro

The owner, Mary, was born in Sao Paulo, starting her shop in Toronto when she was young. She sources ingredients locally and everything is made in small batches to ensure quality. They have Valentine’s Day boxes on sale in the shop but choosing your own chocolates to make up a box is also an option.

You can read more information on their website.

10. Chocollata, Multiple Locations

Photo: chocollata gourmet

Chocollata is another Brigadeiro store – ‘the first ever brigadeiro store in Toronto’. They also specialise in this Brazillian confectionary. Their boxes of chocolates look really striking and carefully put together.

You can find more information on their website.

11. Onyx Chocolates, East Chinatown

Photo: onyxchocolates

The bonbons at Onyx Chocolates come in a range of delicious-sounding and often unique flavours: Baileys, Matcha Black Sesame, Rose Cardamom, Durian and Soy Sauce – just to name a few. Whatever you buy, you won’t be bored!

More information is available on their website. 

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