The CN Tower Is Featuring Fantastic Nightly Light Shows

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The CN Tower Is Featuring Fantastic Nightly Light Shows

Toronto’s famous tower is brightening hearts in this troubling time.

While its doors are closed, there’s still a light on in the attic of the CN Tower. As 6ix residents are staying indoors, the tower is featuring nightly shows in a cheerful measure of solidarity. [Featured image: @jgazze]

The gravity of a new reality is coming down over the world. In the province of Ontario notwithstanding. Last week, Ontario declared a State of Emergency. Two days ago the government threatened fines upward of $100K for those not social distancing. And yesterday Canada announced they would be pulling out of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

As such people in cities across the world have been going out of their way (of course, not literally) to do little things to brighten up the spirit of the community.

Whether its Americans putting up their Christmas lights to spread cheer, Italians staging balcony DJ sets, or Spaniards holding standing ovations for medical personnel, it’s these little heartwarming reminders that we are a part of a community.

Contributing to this heartwarming feeling is Canada’s National Tower. On March 14 the CN Tower closed with the plan of re-opening April 14. Until then, the Tower is featuring nightly light shows to lighten spirits around the city.

“We’re doing our part to brighten the mood,” it wrote on an Instagram post.

Toronto residents in eye distance can see the tower alight in radiant colors every hour at night. If that’s out of your locality, you can also catch clips of the spectacle on its Instagram.

The CN Tower light show is just one of the many local initiatives started in the wake of the outbreak:

Canadians across the country have propelled a ‘CareMongering‘ movement to help those in need, while Distilleries have shifted their productions to make more sanitizer. Also, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra has been synchronizing videos online.

Take a look at the CN Tower tonight let a little light in.

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