This Toronto Spirits Distillery Has Switched To Making Hand Sanitizer

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This Toronto Spirits Distillery Has Switched To Making Hand Sanitizer

The distillery is lifting spirits in a different way.

In order to meet the demand for sanitation products in the province, the Spirit Of York Distillery Co. in Toronto has shifted its production of spirits to hand sanitizer. [Photo credit: @spiritofyork]

While many are stocking up on alcohol, it’s clear that some products are more essential during this time. Playing their role, Spirit Of York has taken the initiative to shift their production focus to hand sanitizer.

“We are prepared to do what it takes to help the community,” said the distillery’s CEO, Gerry Guitor.

Spirit Of York is joining the ranks of other Canadian businesses that have altered their production processes to supply high-demand necessities.

“We plan on doing it as long as the market needs it,” Guitor said. “This is not our core business, it’s just our way of helping.”

Hand sanitizer from the distillery is now available for $3 a 140-ml bottle, which you can purchase through their location’s takeout window. Purchase is limited to one per customer.

To adhere to safe sanitation, the distillery requires exact change for each purchase.

For those over 65 or those who can’t afford the cost, the distillery will waive the fee. Proceeds from the sales will go to local food banks to help other community members in need.

“As long as we can make enough money to keep the lights on, anything extra we make we want to give back. Hopefully it will have a ripple effect,” Guitor said.

Gin and vodka will still be available for purchase through the distillery’s takeout window.

Accompanying one of their Instagram posts, the distillery had this to say:

“In light of #COVID19, hand sanitizer has become a scarce commodity throughout the Greater Toronto Area and using the resources we have — we figured this was the best way to give back and support our community in need.”⁣

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