The Instagram Account Dedicated To Adorable Dogs On Toronto Transport

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

The Instagram Account Dedicated To Adorable Dogs On Toronto Transport

10 dogs you never knew you needed to see.

On Instagram, there is an account named @ttcdoggo and whoever created it is a genius. It turns out that there are loads of photos online of the best dogs on Toronto transport and this account has melted many hearts by collating them. Check it out if you need a pick-me-up on your lunch hour or if you can’t get out of bed and need motivation. You’ll look forward to your commute, just to see these pups.

1. The biggest dog to ever (probably)

Photo: @barnabythebeardog

This big bear’s Instagram account is @barnabythebeardog, which is enough to make even the grumpiest person smile.

2. This lovely old man dog

Photo: sheamusthedog

He is enjoying the commute as much as you or I.

3. A confused dog

Photo: golden.retriever.bella

Confused because the carriage is empty.

4. This dog, looking to the heavens

Photo: shiba.kylo

“Dear God, please let this train come so I can chew on the bone I have at home.”

5. Parmesan the dog

dogs ttc
Photo: parmedoodle

Yes, this dog’s name is Parmesan! Sitting in her seat like a little human, though.

6. A big, white floof

Photo: koda_bear_the_samoyed

Too cute. Too happy. My heart has grown three sizes.

7. A curious little Frenchie

Photo: thatfrenchiezoro

“Are we there yet?”

8. Tyson the bulldog…

Photo: tysonthebully

Gracefully enduring the commute. With his little tongue stuck out.

9. Winston the dog, showing his pride…

Photo: ttcdoggo

In the cutest little denim jacket the world has ever seen.

10. A patient, good boy

Photo: jordan.thebully

Waiting for his photo to be taken so he can show all his dog friends.

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