Dress, Eat, And Drink Like A Mythical Creature At The Unicorn Cafe

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Dress, Eat, And Drink Like A Mythical Creature At The Unicorn Cafe

The Unicorn Cafe is where the magic happens.

If you like pastels, dressing up in onesies, eating fantastic desserts in stables, and have a strong — maybe a little weird, maybe a little obsessive — proclivity toward unicorns, this cafe is for you. [Featured image: @archiemx_]

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From the creators of the Poop Cafe comes the Unicorn Cafe, the first of its kind in Toronto. I don’t know many personally, but I’d think that the Unicorn Cafe in Toronto is pretty much a nine-year old cartoon princess’s dream come true.

Located at 561 Bloor St. West, the single-horned-themed cafe offers an assortment of Japanese style food, desserts, and coffee. Many of which are also unicorn style.

Photo: @melhxo

Take their novelty Cheesy Unicorn Rice Hamburger for instance. The hamburger part consists of a customer-chosen patty (chicken, beef, vegetarian, or vegan), stacked with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato. Then you got the melting blanket of cheese (which is never wrong). But what about the unicorn rice? Well, that aspect gets its name from the two iridescent sushi-rice buns that sandwich the aforementioned contents together. How about that?

In addition, the Unicorn Cafe also offers Magic Flying Noodles, horn-length french fries, and bento boxes that contain egg, broccoli, tomatoes, and karaage.

Photo: @tech_guy_phil

Their other dishes include Unicorn Waffles — colorful mixes of cotton candy, vanilla ice cream, and takoyaki; Unicorn Shakes — which are adorned with marshmallows, cotton candy (of course), and a donut; and Unicorn Hot Chocolate — which is topped with a cloud of whipped cream, marshmallow, and sprinkles.

Photo: @drinkmymug

What makes their dishes more enjoyable is the fact that you eat it in your own personal mini house. That’s right, after you get your complementary onesie, the Unicorn Cafe provides with your own private stable fit with two couches to enjoy your whimsical treats.

Photo: @midiarioencanada

The cafe also offers an open seating area furnished with pastel-colored couches and decorated with homages to the mythical creature in the form of murals and statues.

If you want to eat like a mythical creature in Toronto, now you uni-CAN.

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