Here Are 5 Of The Best Halal Spots For Eid In Toronto

Yasmine Atallah Yasmine Atallah

Here Are 5 Of The Best Halal Spots For Eid In Toronto

The month of Ramadan has officially come to an end.  Muslims in Toronto and around the world are celebrating Eid el Fitr.

Here is a list of Halal restaurants in Toronto to help you and your family break your fast with great Halal food.

1. Saltyz Grill

What:  This Mediterranean Halal burger joint is taking the GTA by storm.

Specialty:  They famously mix burger joint classics with traditional Lebanese flavours. Their specialties include favourites such as the Lebanese Burger and the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.

Where: 2075 E Lawrence Ave #104

You can place your order online here.

2. Pâtisserie Royale

What: This is a family-owned Middle Eastern bakery  Their menu boats traditional Lebanese and Syrian sweets and pastries.

Specialty:  They offer a long list of traditional Arabic desserts, such as Kanafeh, Baklava, Halawet el-jibn and Maamoul.

Where: Their new location is at 1415 Kennedy Road #26

You can call them at 416-755-6323 in order to place your takeout order ahead of time.

3. The Halal Guys

What: This American Halal restaurant is popular in Toronto, but it started as an Egyptian food cart in NYC in the 1990s before expanding to storefronts around the world.

Specialty: They offered packages during the month of Ramadan.  Their specialties also include a Beef Gyro Platter and their famous Falafel Sandwich, and they are currently offering a vegetarian gyro special.

Where: 563 Younge Street

You can place your order online here.

4. Paramount Middle Eastern Kitchen

What: This gourmet Middle Eastern restaurant has many locations across the GTA.

Specialty: Their menu is extensive and includes many Middle Eastern favourites, such as Shish Tawouk, Saj Shawarma and Grilled Halloumi Salads.

Where: 2311 Younge Street (among other locations)

You can order online here.

5. Kebab 49

What: This Halal restaurant serves a menu with Turkish-inspired cuisine.

Specialty: Their specialties include Eggplant Kebab, Lamb Shish and Turkish Butcher’s Meatballs.

Where: 5308 Dundas St W. in Etobicoke

You can place your order online here.

[Featured Image Source: Shameel Mukkath via Pexels]


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