Break Out Of The Dursleys At This Harry Potter-Themed Escape Room

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Break Out Of The Dursleys At This Harry Potter-Themed Escape Room

It’s time for Muggles and Wizards to Unite!

Imagine you’re reading Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time. You come to find the young Potter, contained in horrid conditions in a cupboard under the stairs of a hostile household. The wicked Dursleys, though they detest our hero, refuse to let the chosen wizard leave the grounds to fulfill his destiny. If you were there, wouldn’t you want to help him? Why of course you would. And now you can at the Privet Drive Escape Room at Oshawa Escapes just outside Toronto! [Featured image: @potterrevisited]

Whether you’re a wizard, muggle, goblin, basalisk, dementor, or house elf, if you’re a fan of Harry Potter in the GTA, this escape room is a must.

If I didn’t illustrate the scene enough before, let me elaborate. What will become the great, chosen wizard who will go on (or will he?) to defeat (spoiler alert) He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is trapped presently trapped inside the confines of 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging — or, more specifically, 461 Park Rd. S., in Oshawa.


Will you let the-boy-who-lived, the prophetic victor of the Goblet of Fire, sully away in the dusty cupboard under the stairs, or will you help set him free so that he can fulfill his prophecy to vanquish the Dark Lord?

This magical one-hour experience allows you and a group of 4-8 (muggles or otherwise) help rescue our lightning-scarred protagonist from the loathsome clutches of the Dursleys.


No need to take the Hogwarts Express either. For the address in Oshawa is just a broom’s flight away.

If all goes well, the escape takes an hour and costs $26.55 per person. Act in haste and rescue young Potter!

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