Here’s What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Federal Election

Yasmine Atallah Yasmine Atallah

federal elections

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that a federal election will be held on September 20th 2021.

The campaign period will be very short, spanning only 36 days.

Elections Canada’s resources

Elections Canada’s website is full of several useful resources. One of them is this detailed calendar of the activities spanning through the 36-day campaign of federal election.

You should also check on your voter registration status. You can register or check on your registration status here.

The website offers many other resources, including information on where and how to vote, as well as ways to vote depending on your personal situation (i.e. for students, Canadians abroad and more).

If you’re not sure how you lean politically, you can use a Vote Compass. Political Scientists developed this tool with Vox Pop Labs and CBC. They designed it to help you explore how your views align with the different parties in Canada.

[Featured Image: Courtesy of Elections Canada]

[Original article in French by Sarah Rachel Moncada-Oseguera, translated and edited by Yasmine Atallah]


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