An Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition Is Open In Toronto

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

An Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition Is Open In Toronto

While Montreal was the home of this exciting exhibition, it has now made its way to Toronto!

Torontonians now have the chance to see the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition, which attracted 2 million visitors during its time in Paris. As a result of its popularity, Paris had to extend their shows. Montreal saw its first show in 2020, where it was also a hit with the public. [Photo:@atelierdeslumieres]

Photo: atelierdeslumieres

The organizers invite you to see Van Gogh’s work in every detail, with huge projections of his works on the walls of the venue. Your eyes can follow the tiny brush strokes which he painted on his canvasses and which make up some of the most famous art-work on earth.

It is more than an exploration of Van Gogh’s artwork – it is an exploration of his life. Whilst walking through the rooms, filled with projections of his paintings, over 200 paintings take you on a journey through the life of Van Gogh. He was only ever recognized as a brilliant artist posthumously and his life was famously tragic in many ways.

Photo: atelierdeslumieres

Van Gogh’s artwork has always been a portal to another way of perceiving the world and this exhibition is just that. This is why allows you to walk through that portal and spend a few hours in his head.

The show features his most famous works, such as ‘Starry Night On The Rhone’ and ‘Sunflowers’ as well as his lesser known works. The Van Gogh exhibition projects them onto the walls. So, if you know nothing about Van Gogh, don’t worry – you might even be an expert by the time you leave!

In Paris, atmospheric music played throughout the venue.  In Toronto, the exhibition is just as huge, spanning all fire storeys of a warehouse next to the river. There is a gift shop on site, as there has been in Paris and Montreal. It sells all sorts of Van Gogh related goodies.

Photo: atelierdeslumieres

Tickets are on sale on the website now!

Practical information

From May 1st
Tickets from $34.99

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