Jurassic World Live Is Coming To Toronto In September!

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

Jurassic World Live Is Coming To Toronto In September!

Get ready to be amongst giant dinosaurs as Jurassic World comes alive in Toronto!

It’s official, the Jurassic World Live Tour is coming to Toronto from September 10-13! It features a giant, 40ft T-Rex who looks both amazing and formidable. Several smaller, Jurassic Age creatures will also make an appearance and it wouldn’t be Jurassic World without some humans too! This looks like a must-see for all of the Jurassic World enthusiasts in Toronto. [Photo: jurassicworldlive]

Photo: jurassicworldlivetour

The lighting, stage, and props really set the scene for an exciting experience and it looks as though visitors may even get the change to sit in a gyrosphere. It all looks pretty interactive and several videos of Jurassic World have been released by the organizers, as it has toured in other locations already.


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Tickets are not yet on sale (they are currently in pre-sale) but you can find more information on the website, as it is released. The experience will be based at Scotiabank Arena.

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