Justin Bieber Runs A Hockey Clinic On Jimmy Fallon

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Justin Bieber Runs A Hockey Clinic On Jimmy Fallon

The Biebs takes the ice with US talk-show host, Jimmy Fallon.

The Canadian pop star laces up his skates to teach Jimmy Fallon the fundamentals of hockey. Or as we call the sport in Canada: “hockey”. [Featured image courtesy of yahoo! money]


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@justinbieber teaching @jimmyfallon to skate is all we could ever ask for. 🤣 (🎥 @fallontonight)

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Sporting a customized Leafs jersey with a white bucket, the Biebs gives the late-night talk-show host a lesson on the basics. Before taking the ice, he relates to Fallon, who dawns a New York Rangers uniform, some of the instruments of the game. Specifically, he informs him that hockey is played with a hard rubber disc known as a “puck”.

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Once on the ice, the Bieber, who’s skated with the Maple Leafs, tries to give Fallon a skating drill. Fallon does his best Bambi impression and fails miserably. The lesson tailspins from there. What follows is a montage of Fallon joking, scooting, and dragging along the surface of the ice.

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The two later have a scoring competition with a goalie only known as Rob. Bieber wears a Go Pro camera on his helmet. And as he shows off his dangles to a late-night American audience, the pop star inadvertently reveals that he plays hockey with his head down. Of course, in the end, Bieber wins the shootout and takes a victory lap on the back of a zamboni.

Bieber made hockey headlines earlier this year after accepting a breakaway challenge from St. Louis Blues’ cup-winning goaltender, Jordan Binnington.

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The two are set to go head-to-head in a 10-shot shootout. Bieber wins if he scores once, if not, Binnington wins. The victor will receive $10,000 to donate to a charity of their choice.

So far, there’s been no word of when the challenge will take place.

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