Engage In An All-Out Lightsaber Duel At This Toronto Arena

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Engage In An All-Out Lightsaber Duel At This Toronto Arena

May the force be with you.

Star Wars fans are finally getting the chance to put all of their basement lightsaber training to the test. At Archers Arena in Toronto, jedis and siths can go head-to-head in an epic, real-life saber battle.

Photo courtesy of archersarena.com

Archers Arena is a 10,000 sq. ft. combat arena near Clanton Park. In addition to archery, it offers multiple playing fields for nerf battles, bubble soccer, and, now, Saber Wars. The Arena in Toronto is the first facility in the city dedicated to saber dueling. Consequently, Star War-riors in the 6ix don’t “have to travel to any distant planet or galaxies far far away” to battle it out.

At Saber Wars in Archers Arena, you can duel your friends (or sworn enemies) in simulated battles to the death. The sabers light up with LED lights and woosh on their own so you don’t have to make any sounds with your mouth.

A one-on-one match will cost $35 a head for an hour-long fight. Additionally, the arena features a series of packages that offer private courts to up to 30 players ranging from one to two hours. The more fighters there are, the less each has to pay. Each package deal also includes a 15-minute lightsaber lesson. To book a session, call them ahead of time at 6479927362.

If you want to get into some of their other action, Archers Arena also offers combat archery sessions. Combat Archery is a sport in which two teams engage in a sort of dodgeball-style game in wherein the opposite players fire off arrows at each other until the last person on a team is hit.

Photo courtesy of archersarena.com

As mentioned, the facility also offers nerf battles and bubble soccer. Inside Archers Arena, there is also a lounge area where you and your buddies/enemies can unwind after a (simulated) fight to the death with pool, foosball, ping pong, LARP weapons, and the Throne of Foam.

En gard, you will!

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