This Maple Leafs’ Announcer Is Personalizing Goal Calls For Fans

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This Maple Leafs’ Announcer Is Personalizing Goal Calls For Fans

Toronto Maple Leafs’ PA is keeping the action alive.

It’s been two weeks since the last NHL game. As of now, it’s still unclear whether or not the NHL will be returning to finish off its 2020 season. For Toronto Maple Leafs fans who were holding out for playoff contention, this time is extra hard. [Featured image: @rossyonthemic]

If you’re missing the thrills and excitement of the Scotiabank Arena, Maple Leaf PA, Mike Ross, is sending out personalized goal calls that will electrify your enthusiasm through this trying time.

The latest news has it that the NHL has extended its isolation policy from March 27 to April 6. Until then, the NHL is working with health officials to determine how it will finish off its season.

Meanwhile, that leaves us hockey fans twiddling our thumbs, cycling through highlight reels on Youtube, and/or binging on hockey films such as Slap Shot, Goon, and Happy Gilmore.

Fortunately, while Leafs Nation might wistfully yearn for the electricity of the stadium, the razzle-dazzle on the ice, and the odd appeal of Austin Matthew’s moustache, you can still get a taste of the action.

During this hiatus, you can still hear exhilarating goal calls from Maple Leafs’ PA, Mike Ross. Better yet, the announcer is personalizing the calls so that you could hear what it would be like to have your name ring out over the arena1

To get your own goal call, tweet @RossyOnTheMic on twitter with you, the goalscorer, the time of the goal, your jersey number, and any assists on the play.

Ross is currently streaming the calls on Twitter and Instagram using the same handle.

“I’m trying to bring a little bit of sunshine into what is a difficult time for us right now,” Ross said on Twitter.

Experience the likes of Matthews, Nylander, and Marner, with your very own goal call!

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