McDonald’s Has Brought Their Shamrock Shakes Back

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McDonald’s Has Brought Their Shamrock Shakes Back

Micky D’s is returning their minty green shakes.

With St. Patrick’s Day a little under a month away, the fast food giant is bringing back their minty milkshakes. The shake returns for the 50th year. To celebrate, McDonald’s is introducing a new OREO Shamrock McFlurry.

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As described in the chain’s press release earlier this month, the Shamrock Shake features “vanilla soft serve blended with our unmistakable Shamrock flavor topped with a whipped topping for a delicious minty treat”.

In honor of the leprechaun leche’s 50th anniversary, McDonald’s is introducing another Trifolium treat: the OREO Shamrock McFlurry.

According to their press release, the Celtic concoction features “creamy, vanilla soft serve with our unmistakable Shamrock flavor and OREO® cookie pieces blended throughout for a delicious minty-chocolaty dessert”.

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The company included in the press release a link detailing 10 factoids about the history of its Shamrock Shake. The Irish ice-cream treat was first created by Connecticut McDonald’s Owner Hal Rosen in 1967. Three years later, the Shamrock Shake debuted in a number of their US restaurants with great success.

At participating McDonald’s in the USA, Canada, and Ireland Shamrock season is already under way. Until March 23, customers can taste their luck with one of their two seasonal beverages.

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