Montreal Is Orchestrating Music From Its Balconies Tonight

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Montreal Is Orchestrating Music From Its Balconies Tonight

The music makers of Montreal will play in solidarity.

Montrealers are encouraged to harmonize in the note C from their balconies tonight to create an immersive sound that will reverberate through the city. [Photo credit: @lovelifemontreal]

Tonight at 9 PM EDT, the city of Montreal will take to their windows, balconies, and front doors and produce a drone in C.

In music, drone is an ambient sound that features a single note throughout a song’s entirety. When played, the effect of the sound is resonant, relaxing, and meditative.

“I chose the drone because it’s very common in a lot of traditional musics, from Celtic to Indian, Arabic and African,” wrote John Triangles Stuart, the leader behind the initiative, on the group’s Facebook page. “It’s a common simple sound that may travel further across the city and connect us all.”

With social-distancing, quarantine, and self-isolation becoming the new normal, cities across the world have found ways to connect with one another through song.

We’ve seen traditional ballads, operas, jam sessions, and hardcore DJ sets in Siena, Naples, Rome and other cities across Italy.

It’s a rough time, there’s no questions about it, but it’s beautiful reminders like these that demonstrate the resilience of the collective human spirit.

Stuart plans to broadcast the event via Facebook Live over the group’s page, “Drone de balcon Montreal”. In the live broadcast, Stuart will also announce a song for Montreal citizens to collectively sing on Sunday.

“Let’s all gather (in our shelters) and produce a drone (in C) from our balconies and windows that can be heard across the city – unifying us all in isolation and reverberating love and compassion.”

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