The Niagara Speedway Go-Cart Track Re-Opens This Spring

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

The Niagara Speedway Go-Cart Track Re-Opens This Spring

Canada’s first elevated go-cart track will make a comeback this year.

Clifton Hill amazed go-cart enthusiasts last season, giving people the opportunity to whiz around a track at heights of up to 40ft at a maximum speed of 32km an hour. [Photo: @bxxsho_camera]

The carts are pretty roomy, meaning that, unlike a lot of the carts at your local fairgrounds and theme-parks, two people can be seated in each cart.

It costs less for the passenger, who is has no control over who or what the driver chooses to ram into (although the policy is no bumping allowed), but they can enjoy the 2000ft descent, at points feeling as though they are ‘flying over a cliff’, according to the website. However, the passenger must be under 5ft in height, so bear that in mind.

The President of HOCO Limited (one of the companies that developed the attraction), has this to say about it:

“It’s like go-karts on steroids. You drive on a road course for a portion of the race and then spiral up… to about 40 feet, and then come down a long hill… kind of like the way a wooden coaster would be.”

So, if you’re bored of those normal, non-steroid-taking go-carts, it seems like this track is the one for you!

You will just have to wait until Spring to visit it.

Practical information

Opening in the Spring
Driver: $12
Rider: $4

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