New Office-Based Escape Room Just Opened In Toronto

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New Office-Based Escape Room Just Opened In Toronto

“Oh god, my mind is going a mile an hour.”

There are TV shows that turn you off midway through the pilot. Some shows are one-and-done. Then there’s shows that you watch and re-watch endlessly to the point where the characters, scenes, and quotes are embedded in your brain.

The Office is one of those shows. Toronto fans will now have a way to use that knowledge to their advantage at the new trivia-based escape room: Escape This 9 to 5. [Featured image courtesy of NBCUniversal Television Distribution]

Image courtesy of Trivia Escape Rooms

“Use the surge of fear and adrenaline to sharpen your decision-making.”

The Office-based escape room is run by the same group that brought the 90s-themed escape room to Toronto last year. It will require participants to answer a number of trivia questions while solving puzzles to accomplish the task — kind of like that Office episode where Dwight starts a fire and makes everyone answer emergency fire procedure questions before revealing the ruse.

So if you’ve already seen every episode of The Office 10+ times: binge it again! It would also benefit for you to brush up on Workaholics and Parks and Recreation as the trivia will also pertain to these series as well as the cult classic and original office movie — Office Space.

The escape process should take about an hour and will cost between $26 – $30, depending on the number of players. Escape This 9 to 5 opened earlier this February and is available until April 19th. Gather your friends, or your coworkers, and convince yourselves that your knowledge of Office trivia is useful after all!

“How the turntables…”

Escape This 9 to 5 is located at 1444 Dupont Street, Unit 31. Participants must reserve a booking online.

Image courtesy of NBCUniversal Television Distribution

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