Toronto’s Huge Neon Playground Exclusively For Adults

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

Toronto’s Huge Neon Playground Exclusively For Adults

At Pursuit OCR you can run, climb and play like a kid but in a playground made for adults.

Lit with neon lights, Pursuit OCR is 30,000 square feet of pure childhood joy, which makes it Canada’s largest indoor obstacle course. [Photo:@pursuitocr]

It’s designed for all abilities and the whole thing is absolutely packed with things to climb on grab onto, including:

  • A giant ball pool, with a depth of over 4ft, filled with orange balls. Fun to bob around in or throw at your friends.
Photo: pursuitocr
  • An archway, illuminated by neon lights and filled with things to climb on. You can hang upside down, try and climb around like you’re bouldering or even do pull-ups, if you’re feeling brave.
Photo: pursuitocr
  • ‘The world’s first indoor pedal powered drift trike race track’, which looks absolutely amazing. It’s all lit with neon, of course.
Photo: pursuitocr
  •  Monkey bars and climbing frames, plus loads of foam to break your fall when someone inevitably slips.
Photo: pursuitocr
  •  A maze of ‘lasers’ – made from neon colored ropes.
Photo: pursuitocr

When you’re tired of all the climbing, running and pedaling, you can go to the mini-arcade and get yourself some snacks from the vending machine. Sounds like the perfect day!

They even run ‘Sabre Sundays’, which look phenomenal. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a Jedi, if only for a while?

Photo: pursuitocr

The venue is restricted to those over the age of 18 and there is also a rentable party block, which overlooks the course. So, when that feeling of being a child trapped in an adult body starts to weigh on you, you can always race your best friend around on a BMX style trike, play some arcade games and feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Only, you’re no longer in your neighborhood park – you’re somewhere with neon lights and everything that has even been fun under one roof.

You don’t have to pre-book tickets, just turn up at Pursuit OCR and get your tickets for the day. You don’t have to spend all day in there either, you can come and go as you please as your ticket covers entry for the whole day.

Practical information

Open 10am-10pm
$20 plus tax - admission all day

Discounts available for Police and Teacher's Union members - see website for more info

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