Coke Releases Most Canadian Flavor To Date: Quebec Maple Coke

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Coke Releases Most Canadian Flavor To Date: Quebec Maple Coke

But can you pour it on your pancakes?

Coca-Cola is going full Canadian with their latest flavor: Quebec Maple. The Coke of Canucks is now available all over Canada. [Featured photo: @soda_magic]

Photo: @hayashpeydal

The world is coming around to the magic of Maple. You see it on doughnuts, in lattes, barbeque sauce, cocktails, and now, in its latest manifestation: Coca Cola.


The syrupy beverage is available all over Canada. It comes packaged in vintage bottles of four, christened with maple leafs and topped off with blue bottle caps. And Canadians don’t know how to react.

Coca-Cola’s latest beverage comes among a Corona Virus-caused shortage of their Diet and Zero options. Is this merely a coincidence, or is Coca-Cola Canada trying to get Canadians hooked on the maple stuff when the diet options run dry?

After all, for Canadians, the only thing more addictive than caffeine — or actual cocaine — is maple syrup.

Coke’s release of their Quebec Maple line also coincides with the release of their British Colombia Raspberry and Georgia Peach flavours.

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