Toronto’s 60ft Rubber Duck Will Return In June

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

Toronto’s 60ft Rubber Duck Will Return In June

The popular Mama Duck will be headlining Redpath Waterfront Festival.

If you are currently shoveling snow from your driveway then June may seem like a long way off. However, once the sun emerges from behind the blizzard, we will be able to spot a giant duck floating once more on the river.

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Redpath Waterfront Festival has announced that the huge rubber duck, which caused such a stir in 2017, is returning this year. Last time we saw ‘Mama Duck’, she was extremely popular but also fairly controversial, as some citizens were concerned about how her presence on the waterfront had been funded. However, the organizers of the event assure us that she¬†‘brought over 75,000 people and an Economic Impact of $7.9 Million to Toronto.’ She’s also set to help the festival celebrate its 10th birthday.


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The organizers have also promised great music, familiar characters for children and adults alike to interact with and food trucks from which we can grab tasty food. However, towering over the whole event at over 6 stories in height, Mama Duck is sure to be the star of the show.

The exact location of the duck is yet to be announced but it should be easy to pick out on the waterfront!

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