More Assessment Centres Will Open In High-Volume Testing Areas Of Ontario

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More Assessment Centres Will Open In High-Volume Testing Areas Of Ontario

Ontario is taking action to ensure public health and safety by opening more screening centres to test for Covid-19.

In order to enhance and expand the public’s access to screening, Ontario will “immediately establish a number of dedicated assessment centres in areas experiencing significant growth in testing.” [Featured image: Facebook /William Osler Health System – Peel Memorial Hospital]

As the virus continues to spread, Ontario has implemented new structures and systems in order to effectively manage the containment. “This new structure will tap into an even broader network of clinical expertise, experience, and capacity across the health sector to ensure extensive plans are in place to quickly and effectively respond to any and every possible scenario,” said Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Christine Elliot.

One component of this system is the formation of a Command Table designated as a single point to oversee the management of Ontario’s response to COVID-19. The CT has planned the following measures:

  • enhanced access to screening;
  • expanding lab-testing capacity; and
  • implementing new initiative to keep the public and frontline workers safe

Over the next several days, assessment centres will open at Mackenzie Health, North York General Hospital, The Ottawa Hospital, Scarborough Health Network, Trillium Health Partners, and William Osler Health System – Peel Memorial site.

“These centres are located in dedicated spaced that will facilitate high-quality care,” they stated.

In the weeks to come, additional centres will be made available across the province.

Additionally, Ontario has facilitated citizens’ access to doctors by approving new physician billing codes. This would allow for doctors to assess potential patients over the phone, rather than having them visit hospitals and risk spreading the infection.

The province has planned to expand is partnership with Telehealth in order to manage the call volumes and ensure the proper allocation of resources.

They’ve created a new webpage designated to informing the public about the state of the virus. It is updated twice daily and contains information that would educate citizens on how to conduct a self-examination. Furthermore, the Command Table is working on implementing at-home testing to limit further public exposure to the virus.

For more information on COVID-19, and the state of the virus in Ontario, visit their webpage.

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