Toronto Waterfront’s New Immersive Art Festival Features A 100-Metre Rainbow Corridor

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Toronto Waterfront’s New Immersive Art Festival Features A 100-Metre Rainbow Corridor

These public art installations will light up the winter in Toronto.

This winter has been one like no other thanks (or, better put, no thanks) to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. For this reason, The Waterfront BIA and Harbourfront Centre decided to team up and create a winter edition of Site Alive on the 10-acre campus on Toronto’s central waterfront to give locals a safe, socially-distanced option to enjoy the season’s fresh cool air in the heart of the city.

The winter edition of Site Alive is intended to be a COVID-friendly celebration of arts and culture showcasing sights, sounds, and ideas in an immersive way. The outdoor event’s programming and activities include the Festival of Cool and Northern Ontario Diaries, both expected to run from January 15th to February 7th, 2021. However, due to the recent stay-at-home order issued by the Government of Ontario, it is strongly recommended to wait to visit the public art installations until the provincial health and safety restrictions ease again. 

Waterfront BIA

The Festival of Cool will feature illuminated public art installations such as the Sonic Runway, a dazzling 100-meter-long corridor of lights resembling a rainbow bridge that is known from the popular Burning Man Festival. Per the organizers, “guests can expect to be transported to Northern Ontario through a transformative installation involving audio, light and technology, brought to life by creators Rob Jensen, Warren Trezevant, and Creos.”

Northern Ontario Diaries is an audio experience that allows visitors to explore the waterfront area while listening to stories told by artists about regions and communities in the Canadian Shield.

Although the programming and activities are not currently being promoted, Harbourfront Centre will continue to have security staff on the premises to ensure local health and safety protocols are followed.

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