Some People Are Using A Projector To Play Retro Video Games On A Condo

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Some People Are Using A Projector To Play Retro Video Games On A Condo

The world is your canvas?

When it comes to entertaining ourselves in quarantine, the culture is gradually forming into the mindset of “why not?”

Why not build a blanket fort? Why not re-create a classic work of art using toilet paper and a vacuum cleaner? Why not spend $700 on a 5,000-piece LEGO set? Why not play our video games on a four-story screen, i.e. the side of a condo? That’s what one group of gamers thought anyway.

The neighbors playing video games with a projector using the condo next to us as a back drop haha from r/toronto

The gaming was first captured by a Reddit user which they posted in the Toronto group. Three days ago, user u/goodbyesuzy, a neighbor of the gamers, uploaded a video featuring the projection. At the time, their neighbor was playing a SNES version of Aladdin on the side of 100 High Park.

Although it wasn’t captured, the user stated that afterwords the neighbor projected a meme of Shia LaBeouf clapping.

The next day, a neighbor living in the same complex uploaded a new high-resolution video, this one featuring the projectors playing Mario Kart. In the same thread, another user claimed to be responsible for the gaming.

They’re at it again, into it. from r/toronto

That user, u/CutieGremlin, later uploaded a video from their vantage point with the caption “Playing Mario Kart in quarantine be like”. The shot featured the videographer holding up a controller as Mario Kart projected in the background.

Playing Mario Kart during quarantine be like from r/toronto

Later, the same user uploaded a new photo of them playing a game called Bobble Bobble. When asked whether they had received complaints, the u/CutieGremlin said that they hadn’t as 100 High Park doesn’t have any windows on its side.

If you had a projector capable of taking up half a building, what images, movies, or games would you show?

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[Featured image: @u/goodbyesuzy]