Follow A Day In The Life Of A Polar Bear On This Ontario Habitat Live Stream

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Follow A Day In The Life Of A Polar Bear On This Ontario Habitat Live Stream

Witness these polar pals with your bear eyes.

Much of the news now is pretty polarizing. I’ll tell you one issue that isn’t: how friggin’ cute polar bears are. Now you can hang out with these creatures without having to put on your Canada Goose jacket. [Featured image: @polarbearhabitat]

One of the many drawbacks of social isolation is that it prevents us from going out and exploring nature. Fortunately, many zoos, aquariums, and habitats are bringing nature to us.

Among these is the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat. The Ontario-based non-profit provides 24 acres of arctic area and boreal environment for the polar bears to roam, roll around, swim, and do other cute bear things.


The rescue facility is home to four furry friends: Ganuk, Inukshuk, Henry, and Eddy. Now, you can hang out with the quartet in quarantine through their Polar Bear Cam.

While the habitat remains closed to the public in the wake of the outbreak, they are allowing you to explore their grounds thanks to their live stream.

The habitat has set up four cameras across the area to capture all the cuteness.

If you need a change of scenery, you can also take a dive into Ripley Aquarium’s Shark Cam to swim among some really big fish.

Don’t spend isolation alone, grab a Coke, a seat on the couch, and hang out with some beary fluffy animals!

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