Here Are 5 Of The Most Sustainable Businesses in Toronto

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Here Are 5 Of The Most Sustainable Businesses in Toronto

It’s officially Earth Day!

And though every day should be Earth Day, today reminds us that our big blue home needs lots of TLC from all of us. Here are 5 of the most sustainable businesses in Toronto that help you do just that:

1. israella KOBLA

What: This female and black-owned luxury brand offers made-to-order clothing and accessories.
Who: Founder Emefa Kuadey is a British-born Ghanaian who based her operation in Toronto.
Inspo: Her brand was inspired by concepts of sustainable and minimalist modern fashion, with bold and structured feminine designs.  Her designs also represent her love for fashion and her civil engineering background.

Check out her website here!

2. Unboxed Market

What: Toronto’s 1st zero waste grocery store and sustainable one-stop shop
Who: Michelle Genttner and Luis Martins opened this market together in February 2019.
Inspo: They created this concept after their experience working in restaurants and seeing so much food waste, and they were inspired by both of their childhoods around farms and sustainable everyday practices.

Check out their website here!

3. Ava’s Appletree

What: This company offers natural baby and children’s products, from clothing to toys, diapers, books and more.
Who: Alexandra founded Ava’s Appletree after having children here in Toronto.
Inspo: She grew up in Germany where sustainable options were plenty, and when she moved to Toronto and had kids, she decided to create an “earth and health conscious” brand of products for other parents like her for whom those two things were a priority.

Check out her website here!

4. Logan & Finley

What: This is an eco-friendly general store, selling things like clothing, cleaning products, skincare products and more.
Who: Julie Skirving is the owner of this brand, that got its name from family names that represent her roots.
Inspo: She wanted to sell products that were built to last, ethically sourced, and made in Canada (many of her products are made in Toronto!).

Check out her website here!

5. Ecoexistence

What: This is an eco-friendly lifestyle store, offering “healthy, earth-conscious choices for every room in the house”, like sustainable alternatives to everyday products in your home.
Who: Kym Klopp, a local entrepreneur and environmental activist, launched this brand in 2008.
Inspo: Klopp wanted to create a store for people who want to make their homes greener with more eco-friendly products, for their own health and for the planet’s health.

Check out their website here!


[Featured Image Source: Darcy Stevens via Unsplash]


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