This Bubble Tea Shop In Toronto Dishes Out Underwater Delights • The Whale Tea

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This Bubble Tea Shop In Toronto Dishes Out Underwater Delights • The Whale Tea

Follow the sound of the sirens.

Delight in all the delicacies under the sea at The Whale Tea in Toronto. The seafaring cafe recently opened up another location on Yonge St.

If you’re looking for truly authentic bubble tea, where better to search that the sea? You know, because…


Puns aside, The Whale Tea serves some spot-on bubble teas. The Malaysian-based cafes offer a sea-spanning list of colorful concoctions divided into a variety of series. Those which include: the Glass Whale Series, Glass Crystal Series, Fruit Tea Series, and the amber-crystal-tinted Peach Resin Volcanic Whale Series.

Because of the vibrant jelly ingredient, the crystal drinks reflect radiantly in the light as would sunbeams off the scales of a fish. You can get the blue crystal — not to be confused with the Breaking Bad kind — with latte, milk tea, or coconut.

In addition to their teas, the cafe also offers an assortment of decadent souffles, including their The Whale Island souffle pancakes — presented in an adorable little plastic bubble.

In addition, the cafe serves ice cream so dark it looks like volcanic rock.

The interior is designed with shimmering furniture and deep blue walls to mimic the underwater feeling. As of now, March 10, the cafe is currently in their soft opening phase. For the next two days, you can get free drinks if you promote BOGO at their new location. On March 13 and 14 the cafe will be giving away 30 free drinks to customers!

Water you waiting for? Sail over to The Whale Tea to get your submarine cuisine!

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