The Toronto Doughnut Shop Selling The Most Eccentric Flavours • Von Doughnuts

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The Toronto Doughnut Shop Selling The Most Eccentric Flavours • Von Doughnuts

Have you ever tried a ‘sappy pig’ doughnut?

Every day at Von Doughnuts in Greektown they serve different flavors of doughnuts and some of them are definitely trailblazers. [Photo: @vondoughnuts]

Their regular lineup includes:

  • Malt Vinegar – Topped with chips (probably vinegar flavored)
  • Caramel Salt ‘n’ Pepa – Topped with caramel, dark chocolate, peppercorns, and sea salt
Photo: vondoughnuts
  • Sangria – Topped with a red and white wine sangria glaze
  • Burtle – Topped with dark chocolate, crisp bacon, candied walnuts, caramel, salt
Photo: vondoughnuts
  • One Night Stand – Topped with tequila and sea salt, with a triple sec and lime dip
  • The Sappy Pig – Topped with crisp bacon, drizzles in peanut butter and dark chocolate, with a maple dip
Photo: vondoughnuts

They have also added different flavors in the past that are even more eccentric than the regular doughnuts.

For example, in 2018, they made a ‘Game Time’ doughnut, covered in nacho cheese, pretzels, and mustard.

Photo: vondoughnuts

They also made dill pickle doughnuts in 2015, which you really have to see to believe.

Photo: vondoughnuts

They have also made Bacon Chipotle Popper doughnuts in the past, which appear to have chopped jalapeño sprinkled on top.

Photo: vondoughnuts

If you’re not drawn by the unusual or savory flavors, there are more conventional flavors available and they all look so good! Their website has a list of flavors available on each day of the week.

They have been known to serve vegan doughnuts but, if you can’t grab one there, we have compiled a list of vegan bakeries in Toronto.

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