Dig Into Toronto With This Immersive Open Air City Exploration Game!

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Dig Into Toronto With This Immersive Open Air City Exploration Game!

Do you want to find out how well you really know your city ? Or maybe you want to see Toronto from a fresh point of view ? Grab your smartphone and walk the streets of the city to solve open air riddles and complete the exploration quest given to you by Questo!

Rediscover Toronto with this exciting, immersive open air game!

There’s no debating it: Toronto is the best city in the world. Buzzing with energy and with a rich cultural past and lots to do, you sometimes get the feeling you’ll never get to experience all it has to offer. But Questo, expert in creating open air exploration games, has found the solution with the most unique way to discover a city. By mixing real-life elements, local folklore and legends with an original fictional scenario, these games will take you on countless eventful adventures across the city, to see Toronto from a whole new perspective. 

old town toronto

For this open air exploration game, you will step into the dark side of Old Town Toronto. You know the city inside out because you’ve been here your whole life. But today is different.  As you stroll around town, something inexplicable happens.  The whole world freezes around you.  And when it starts moving again, all the colours are scrambled. Suddenly, you’re stuck in a negative photograph of the world. As you rub your eyes in disbelief, a sharp object flies by your ear and almost cuts it off.  You decide to take shelter and hurry home, but how will you make it out of the darkroom? As you make your way through town, you’ll rediscover its rich history and hatch your escape plan throughout the adventure.

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Whether on your own or with friends, this exploration game will take you on an action-packed stroll through the streets of Old Town TO. With open air riddles and more, it will give you access to all the city’s secrets and curiosities. It’s the perfect mix between an outdoor escape game and a real-world treasure hunt! All this in the palm of your hand. The games are available on Questo’s smartphone app. Games are accessible all day and night and you can even be pause them if you need a refreshing ice cream break to beat the summer heat!

Starting point: 3D Toronto Sign, Nathan Phillips Square
Date & Time: whenever you want !
Age requirement: all ages welcome!

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