Just 12 Beautiful Photos Of Toronto In The Snow

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

Just 12 Beautiful Photos Of Toronto In The Snow

These photos will make you proud to live in such a snowy city.

Every year Toronto shows us how beautiful it can be from under a blanket of snow and these photos display the very best of the chilly scenes we’re so accustomed to in the North of the world.

1. Frosty trees!

Photo: beingelenala

Toronto, masquerading as Narnia! These trees are so beautiful.

2. A gorgeous, frozen stream.

Photo: hapamoon

There’s something magical about the blue of the water and the pure white snow surrounding it.

3. Toronto through a haze of snow.

Photo: jayeffex

The snow creates a scene where the buildings in the distance aren’t visible, but what we can see is beautiful!

4. Commuters enduring the icy conditions.

Photo: life_in_ontario

Snow often highlights elements of the city that we wouldn’t otherwise notice. Here we see the criss-cross of wires that bring electricity to the city.

5. Everything’s blue!

Photo: me_viswabharat

The blue hue ties the city and the trees together in a way that looks amazing.

6. A snowy cemetery.


The snow makes this cemetery look so peaceful.

7. The city from the sky.

Photo: mytofd

From the city tower blocks to the suburbs, Toronto looks sprawling yet sleepy.

8. A snowy city in the sun.

Photo: prettytoronto

Sunset or sunrise? Either way, the sun contrasts beautifully with the whites and greys of the city.

9. Frozen over.

Not the right time to go for a swim.

10. Snow from below.

Photo: scorpiogirl_67

If you missed the snow falling, just look at this photo and you’ll feel like you’re there.

11. Snowy trees and icy streets.

Photo: scott_harrald

The suburbs are like something from a fairytale.

12. The Gooderham Building looking in the mirror.

Photo: heathervmacintyre

Even the slushy snow on the sidewalk looks inviting, as the beautiful orange of the Gooderham Building is reflected in the melted snow.

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