Salt In The Wound: Fares Officially Increasing Next Month For The TTC

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Salt In The Wound: Fares Officially Increasing Next Month For The TTC

The commute system plagued with problems is officially raising fares next month.

Still angry from the aggressive anti-fare evasion ads, still reeling from the headache of the subway shutdown last week, TTC commuters are to suffer even further affliction. Less than a month after the TTC derailment, commuters will have to pay higher fares to use the troubled transportation system. [Featured image: @randyhoffmann]

The PR team for the Toronto Transit Commission has their work cut out for them. Last week, the transport system released a passive-aggressive anti-fare ad campaign that outraged customers. A day later, a line derailed and caused a six-hour delay at rush hour. Both instances less than a month before forcing customers to pay higher fares.

Excluding adult cash fare, all TTC fares will increase by $0.10, their website states. As such, the Adult Presto card fares will increase to $3.20, while Senior and Youth Presto fares will follow likewise. “If you would like to cancel your monthly pass, you must do so by February 22,” reads the TTC’s tweet.

Toronto commuters are incensed, lighting up Twitter with their outrage.

Many are vocalizing their frustration with the TTC, slamming the transportation system for its inconsistency and inefficiency.

The fare increase was proposed back in December for their 2020 operating budget. When it was first proposed, TTC CEO, Rick Leary, stated: “Our proposed operating budget for next year is $2.14 billion, an increase of nearly $85 million.” The fair charge is necessary to “support the service we have,” he said of the up-charge.

Of course, fare increases aren’t anything new for the TTC. Last year, prices were raised $.10. What’s next for the TTC? I can’t imagine commuters are so anxious to find out.

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