A Month Of Unlimited Flights In Canada For $499 • Flair Airlines

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A Month Of Unlimited Flights In Canada For $499 • Flair Airlines

Always wanted to travel explore Canada? Here’s an opportunity!

Flair Airlines are offering unlimited access to domestic flights within Canada for $499, between February 13 and March 13. There is one condition – flights and Friday and Sunday are not allowed with this ticket. However, you can buy a ticket with no restrictions on flight days and that will set you back  $699. Things like baggage will cos you extra and taxes and fees are not included. [Photo:@flairairlines]

There are plenty of destinations on offer, as the airline currently flies to Abbotsford (a stone’s throw from the US), Kelowna, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg. In a month, you could definitely squash all of these destinations in. You could even spend every weekend in a different place, if you can’t get out of work during the week, and it is likely to work out cheaper with this ticket.

Photo: flairairlines

Return flights from Toronto to Vancouver can cost around $300 alone so if you fly regularly or you have family in another part of the country, this ticket could really help you out.

You can buy tickets on the website. 

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