Doughnut Bouquets Perfect For Valentine’s Day • Euro Desserts

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

Doughnut Bouquets Perfect For Valentine’s Day • Euro Desserts

Can’t think of a Valentine’s gift? Doughnut worry!

Euro Desserts, based in Toronto, have released their Valentine’s Day range and it looks pretty amazing. However, there is something really special available to order – an actual doughnut bouquet!

They are filled with Nutella and the bouquet includes a small jar of Nutella and a syringe, filled with Nutella to inject into the doughnuts – our your mouth – whichever you prefer.

Photo: eurodesserts

The rest of their Valentine’s Day range also looks brilliant. You can order boxes of chocolate covered strawberries. There are also chocolate pyramids, filled with gummy sweets and little messages, which you can, or course, smash open with a mallet – also included.

Photo: eurodesserts

Also on offer are giant, heart-shaped cookies, decorated with all sorts of sweet treats for all those cookie-lovers out there.

If you’re looking to buy one of these delicious looking things then you need to order before 12th February! You can order on their website.

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