Visit This Breathtaking Hindu Temple In Toronto

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Visit This Breathtaking Hindu Temple In Toronto

Save on a trip to India with a visit to this traditional Hindu Temple In Toronto.

The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is a marvelous traditional Hindu Temple in Toronto. On grounds that expand over 18 acres, the place of worship welcomes all to visit, offer devotion, and learn about the oldest living religion in the world. [Featured image: @maddasans]

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Inaugurated on July 22 in 2007, the temple — or Mandir — in Toronto was built over a 18-month-long process. It was one of the first Hindu temples in Canada, and to this day, remains as the largest.

The Mandir consists of over 24,000 separate pieces that were HAND-CARVED from Italian marble, Turkish limestone, and Indian pink stone. These pieces were shipped Toronto and assembled by volunteers.

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Its Mandir design was based on strict ancient Hindu scripture, with architecture meant to inspire and elevate the soul. You enter to find a long reflection pool surrounded by beautiful lush gardens.

The temple itself features a massive staircase entrance, a series of spires, domes, and arches; its walls intricately carved with images of deities, flowers, animals, and geometric designs. Within the entire structure, foundation included, there is not a single piece of iron or steel.

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Additionally, the Hindu temple features a culture center, or haveli, which acts as an exhibition center for those interested in learning more about the greater beliefs, people, and cultural impacts of Hinduism.

The spectacular interior is composed of hand-carved Burmese teak and features intricate depictions of dancers, elephants, and veils of flowers. It also regularly holds cultural events, celebrations, and other festivities throughout the year. That schedule can be found here.

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FYI: While the temple is open to the public, it does require that visitors wear respectful clothing. This excludes shorts, tank tops, and skirts shorter than knee length. Visitors must also remove their shoes before entering the temple.

Visit the soul of India in the heart of Canada at the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Toronto!

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