Toronto Has A New Wes Anderson-Inspired Hotel Lobby Bar • Bar Mordecai

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Toronto Has A New Wes Anderson-Inspired Hotel Lobby Bar • Bar Mordecai

“Go Mordecai!”

Stylized color pallets, scrupulous detail, and a heavy dash of whimsical charm are just a few of Wes Anderson’s idiosyncrasies. The director’s delightfully quirky style continues to inspire writers, directors, and artists everywhere. But it doesn’t stop there. Now, his influence is spreading into Toronto’s bar scene with Bar Mordecai. [Featured image: @barmordecai]

Photo: @barmordecai

Bar Mordecai gets its namesake from the pet hawk featured in Wes Anderson’s 3rd film, The Royal Tenebaums. In addition to the name, the bar uses other influences from this and other Anderson films in its hotel lobby aesthetic.

Photo: @barmordecai

At the entrance of the bar is a floral-adorned check-in desk which opens up to a sitting area. Retro couches curve around a coffee table, offset by two pink leather wing-chairs and a fireplace.

Photo: @barmordecai

Following is a long bar top beset with hip, throwback bar stools. The quirky mirror behind the bar looks as if crafted from a pair of crazy cut scissors from elementary-school art class. It features a mural of animals draped in tweed coats and vintage robes to give you the impression that you’re sipping a martini with the cast of Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. 

Photo: @barmordecai

Future plans are to include downstairs rooms for private parties and karaoke.

The bar is the new project from the group behind the Hong Kong-inspired Mahjong Bar, also in Dundas West.

Mordecai’s menu carries a more European influence than Mahjong. As such, the plates are small and shareable. Most were planned on how they pair with wine. Featured dishes include oysters, albacore tartare, and oxtail tortellini, along with breads, cheeses, and charcuterie.

In addition to wine and specialty beer, their drink menu offers a selection of crafted cocktails and highballs.

Photo: @barmordecai

The opening of Bar Mordecai comes at an appropriate time, as just last week the trailer for Wes Anderson’s latest film, The French Dispatch, was released.

Bar Mordecai is located on 1272 Dundas Street West and is open Wednesday to Sunday from 6 p.m. – 2 a.m..

What are the chances Bill Murray pops in to christen the bar? Stop by and see for yourself.

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