The Magical Winter Light Exhibition At Ontario Place Is Returning This Week

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

The Magical Winter Light Exhibition At Ontario Place Is Returning This Week

There is something innately wintery about looking out onto the waterfront and seeing it bathed in beautiful lights…

Last year’s Winter Light Exhibition was amazing. It featured artwork by Ontario artists, using lighting as an artistic medium. Last year’s theme was ‘Disruptive Engagement’ and the exhibition included Obscura, a series of triangles, woven with lights, creating a stunning effect. (pictured below).

Photo: virginradiotoronto

The lights were also hung with hundreds of little lights, which made it feel like something from a fairytale.

Photo: aswilliamson

This year’s theme is ‘Cocoon’, with some exhibits already having been announced. Jungle Ling’s ‘Buried Echoes’ consists of two papier mache elephants, lit from within. They were exhibited at the Yonge and St. Clair Art Festival in 2019 and they look very striking.

Photo: jungle_ling

Luvère Studio’s ‘Enveloped In A Field Of Grass’ looks like a duo of floating, LED boxes, filled with foliage.

Photo: luverestudio

Ontario Place will also be operating a bonfire, where visitors can roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate, which can be purchased on-site. Sounds brilliant!

It’s completely free to attend the event and it will run from 4pm-11pm, February 8 to March 29.

Practical information

February 8 - March 29 4pm-11pm

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