13 Of The Best Burger Joints In Toronto

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It’s International Burger Day!

What better way to celebrate than with a feast from some of your favourite burger joints?  Here is a list of some of the best burger joints in Toronto:

1. Aunty Lucy’s

Specialty: This restaurant started as a pop-up inspired by Chieff Bosompra’s Ghanaian roots.  It turned into a burger sensation, including fried plantains and jollof rice on their menu of signature burgers.

Where: 296 Brunswick Ave

Check them out here!

2. Burger Jabs

Specialty: This popup created a simple menu for International Burger Day, featuring a handful of classic burgers at reasonable prices.

Where: You can pick up your orders today in Vaughan, on Jane St and Rutherford Rd.  You’ll also find them at the Eats Night Market in Scarborough on June 18-20!

Check them out here!

3. Slayer Burger

Specialty: This heavy metal burger joint boasts a secret menu (on their IG), featuring a new creation called The Predator.  It’s a mashup of two of their most popular burgers, the Slayer and the Brisket Carnivore.  How do you even bite into a burger like that? Challenge accepted!

Where: 1400 O’Connor Dr. and 739 Queen St. E.

Check them out here!

4. Matty’s Patty’s Burger Club

Specialty: This place has a classic vintage feel, with their entire burger selection centred around the timeless cheeseburger.  They also offer and collect donations for the community of people living in Trinity Bellwoods Park!  They’ve become a local staple as one of the best burger joints in Toronto.

Where: 923a Queen St W

Check them out here!

5. Cabano’s Comfort Food

Specialty: Their menu boasts two chicken classics (fried chicken sandwich and chicken wings) and three beef classics (single and double cheeseburgers, and the Cabano burger).  And they offer a variety of specialty sauces to go with every order!

Where: 73 St Nicholas St

Check them out here!

6. The Bullger

Specialty: This place is a meat-lover’s paradise.  Their menu includes steak sandwiches and butcher’s burgers – though they do also offer veggie burger options! Their famous Bullger burger is a tower of meat between two grilled cheese buns, holding two patties, fried portobello mushrooms, onion rings and beef bacon.

Where: 348 Queen St E and 424 Danforth Ave

Check them out here!

7. The Burger Shack

Specialty: This diner has been serving old-school burgers in the 6ix for over 40 years.  Their menu includes a long list of specials on top of their classic burgers, including breakfast, salads, souvlaki and more.

Where: 233 Eglinton Ave W

Check them out here!

8. Victory Burger

Specialty: You can’t go wrong with cheesy smash burger classics.  And chef and founder Victor Barry also created Victory Pizza, specializing in Sicilian square pies!

Where: 88 Harbord St and 623 Mount Pleasant Rd

Check them out here!

9. Burger Drops

Specialty: This burger pop-up turned pandemic pick-up and delivery shop has become a crowd favourite.  Though their burger menu is simple and classic, their family atmosphere and love for the job is what seems to keep their customers coming back for more. Of course they’re one of the best burger joints in Toronto!

Where: 116 Atlantic Ave, Liberty Village

Check them out here!

10. Eat Sammy’s

Specialty: Their menu of smash burgers and fried chicken includes their popular friend chicken sando with lettuce, pickles, jalapenos and a spicy kewpie mayo sauce.

Where: 1087 Queen St W

Check them out here!

11. Rudy

Specialty: They offer a minimalist menu with a classic Rudy burger and fried pickle chips, always a crowd pleaser!

Where: 619 College St – 69 Duncan St – 169 Eglinton Ave E – 1330 Danforth Ave – 1466 The Queensway, Etobicoke

Check them out here!

12. Pigot’s Burger Club

Specialty: This shop was created by Calgary-based award-winning Chef Pigot (a.k.a Mike!).  They make their burger patties with a custom Chef Pigot spice blend, and they offer vegetarian burger options too!

Where: 1 Adelaide St E (more locations in Vancouver and Calgary)

Check them out here!

13. Happy Burger

Specialty: Their menu of smash burgers and hotdogs features a Pastrami Burger with a smashed beef patty and thin slices of steamed pastrami, cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle and happy sauce.

Where: 76 Lippincott Street

Check them out here!

[Featured Image Source: Fidel Fernando via Unsplash]


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