Get Ready For Spring Weekend In Toronto

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Get Ready For Spring Weekend In Toronto

Spring is on the horizon, so it seems.

Who really knows what’s going on with the weather in Toronto? Last weekend the 6ix saw Siberian temperatures. Now the climate is swinging up for a sunny bit of spring atmosphere. [Featured image @MatthewHenry via Unsplash]

Photo: @MwangiGatheca via Unsplash

Just a week ago TO bore the full brunt of winter. Locals were obligated to Netflix & chill in the hopefully warm confines of their home after the city of Toronto issued an Extreme Cold Weather Alert. Such alerts only come when temperatures drop south of -15°C.

Photo: @engel_justin

Seven days later and the forecasts have flipped. While it might not seem that way today, temperatures are projected to rise tomorrow. According to accuweather.com, the sun is supposed to show its face Friday.

Photo: @AloraGriffiths via Unsplash

Temperatures are expected to increase incrementally on a lightly cloudy Saturday, hitting a high of 5°C on sunny Sunday.

Photo: @JM via Flickr

Hopefully none of you followed the advice of my woefully-mistimed article about taking your Valentine to the Ontario Place Light Exhibit last week. If that’s the case, this weekend might be the best you’ll have (weather wise) in a while to check out the beautiful outdoor exhibition.

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