There’s A Rage Room In Toronto Where You Can Go And Smash Things

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There’s A Rage Room In Toronto Where You Can Go And Smash Things

It’s all the rage back home.

You know that temptation that comes over you at work when the Internet’s lagging and you just want to start smashing? Just remember to hold that thought for a moment next time and run over to the Rage Room for a break — so to speak.

Photo: @rageroom_toronto

The Rage Room at Battle Sports is a unique space in Toronto where you’re actually encouraged to be a bull in a China shop. The badass business lets you channel all of your aggression so that you don’t take it out on either: 1) Your iPhone (they’re expensive); 2) Your boyfriend, who is trying his best; 3) Your Internet modem/router even though it totally deserves every ounce of your wrath.

Photo: @rageroom_toronto

At the Rage Room you can fully and safely unleash your fury on an assortment of inanimate objects. Curate a menu of destruction, wherein you can choose to smash ceramics (without having to worry about kitchen cleanup). printers, where you can enliven your Office Space fantasies, or specialty items that are available on request.

If you feel a rampage raging inside you and glassware just won’t cut it, you can Bring Your Own Rage so as long as you can lift the items and fit them through a doorway. Unsafe items such as monitors, CFL lightbulbs, etc. are not allowed. Personally, with absolutely no consultation with the business, I recommended bringing your roommate’s guitar, the stockpile of wine and beer bottles that you’ve collected this year but failed to recycle, and your piece-of-shit Internet modem.

Photo: @rageroom_toronto

The Rage Room provides baseball bats and crow bars for ultimate destruction. For safety, it also provides a full-protective suit. The room is also equipped with speakers so you can release your tempests of fury to the likes of Pantera, Slayer, or Ed Sheeran. They also shoot videos if you want to let the gram know that you ain’t nothing to mess with.

Photo: @rageroom_toronto

Tickets start at $10 when bringing your own things to smash. They also provide package deals which vary by time and items.

The Rage Room at Battle Sports is a smashing good time!

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