9 Toronto Restaurants Serving Tasty Vegan Burgers

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9 Toronto Restaurants Serving Tasty Vegan Burgers

Gone are the days of tasteless tofu burgers on soggy bread – the age of delicious vegan burgers has finally arrived!

Toronto has some of the best vegan restaurants in the world. It’s amazing how many have sprung up over the last few years and nothing can satisfy the hunger of a ravenous vegan better than a chunky, delicious, vegan burger.

1. Fresh, Bloor St. W., Spadina Av., Queen St. W., Eglinton Av. E. & Front St. E

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There are three different burgers at Fresh. The two cheapest, at $17 and $18, and the Chipotle Bacon Burger and the BBQ burger, both grain burgers.

However, if you’re looking for melted vegan cheese the The Beyond Burger is the one for you, and also the most expensive at $20.

Fresh has 5 different locations across Toronto so if you need a burger fix and the above looks good then there is probably somewhere near you!

You can find more information and a menu on their website.

2. Planta Burger, Temperance Street

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You can buy the signature Planta Burger at the Yorkville restaurant but, if you want 6 vegan burgers to choose from, Planta Burger has this to offer – all costing $10.50 each.

They serve the Classical Planta Burger. There is also the  California Burger (which also contains avocado) and a Cubano Burger (containing jackfruit and mustard). The Firehouse Burger is, predictably, spicier. Then there’s also the Southwest Burger, with crispy tortilla, and The Meatball (like a meatball sub).

The website has a full menu, with a breakdown of what each of these burgers consists of.

3. Rosalinda, Richmond St. W

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There is only one vegan burger on the menu as Rosalinda. However, with a burger made of black beans, chipotle mayo and the option to add vegan mozzarella, it sounds pretty tasty! It will cost you $18, plus extra for the mozzarella. They also serve tacos and churros here so it shouldn’t be hard to convince your friends to visit!

You can find a full menu and more information on the website.

4. The Hogtown Vegan, Bloor St. & College St.

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On offer here are the Hogtown Burger ($13), Bacon Cheeseburger ($14.50), Un-Chicken Burger ($14.50) and a Philly Cheesesteak ($14.50). The variety on offer here is brilliant. You could go with friends and order one of each to try or just go by yourself and order one of each to try.

Their website has more details about the restaurant and a menu.

5. Parka Food Co., Queen St. W.

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There are five different vegan burgers at Parka Food Co. and none of them contain any of the traditional meat substitutes like seitan, tofu etc.

Instead, there are the following burgers: Broccolli ($10); Cauliflower ($10.50); Portobello ($10.50); Potato ($9) and Eggplant ($10.50). This is certainly a different approach to vegan burgers but who said that vegan food needed meat substitutes to be tasty, anyway?

Their website has a lovely image of each of the burgers on the menu, with details of what is contained within each.

6. Big Poppa’s Vegan, inside Eva’s Original Chimneys, Bloor Street

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There are 6 different burgers on offer from Big Poppa’s Vegan. You can find information on all of them on their website but the names of them (all drawing on inspiration from the garnishes), are The Shaolin ($12), The Dre. ($12.50), The Notorious ($12.50), The O.G. ($10.50), The Big Pun ($13) and The Craig Mac and Cheeze ($13).

These burgers look absolutely stuffed to the brim with ingredients but the only one with vegan cheese is The Craig Mac and Cheeze.

7. Midtown Brewing Co., North York

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The only plant-based burger on the menu at Midtown Brewing Co. is the Beyond Burger. However, it also boasts ‘vegan big mac sauce’, which sounds like something worth trying!

There are a couple of vegan options here but it doesn’t specialize in vegan food so, as a vegan, you would really be visiting for this burger (and to see your friends/family, of course).

More details are available on their website, along with a menu.

8. Copper Branch, Commerce Court & Bathurst St.

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There are plenty of Copper Branch Restaurants all over Ontario and they serve 4 types of burgers: The Mushroom Galaxy Burger, The Spicy Black Bean Burger, The Copper Burger, and The Shitake Teriyaki Burger. They are all very different from one another.

Their website details their menu and also a map of all of the stores in Toronto. Chances are, there’s one near you!

9. Globally Local, College St.

Photo: globallylocalfastfood

This is an actual, vegan, fast-food restaurant and there’s even a drive-thru at 1141 Highbury Av. N. in London!

There are 5 vegan burgers on offer. The Pulled Jack is like a vegan pulled pork, with barbeque sauce, which sounds fantastic. Then there’s the Vopper, which is more of a traditional, fast-food, hamburger style burger. The Preposterous Burger purports to be ‘scarily similar to the real thing’, on the website. The Famous Burger has three layers of bread so you know it’s probably going to be huge and the Bacun Famous Melt contains – you’ve guessed it – fake bacon!

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