5 Things To Do In February

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5 Things To Do In February

How to enjoy the remnants of winter…

The festive season may have passed but we’re still facing freezing conditions and early sunsets in Toronto. So, while we look forward to the Spring, let’s make the most of the weather we’re blessed with in the North while this season’s activities are still available!

  1. Terra Lumina, Toronto Zoo
Photo: terraluminato

Terra Lumina is an optimistic gaze into the future, in which the entire animal kingdom (including humans) lives as one. 79 years from now, in 2099, the future is very bright, literally illuminated by stunning lights and displayed to us in projections that arrest the senses.

Walk approximately 1.5km through the trees and lose yourself in the lights in the winter moonlight. How romantic.

Tickets are:

Adults: $29.99

Children: $24.99

Seniors (65+): $27.99

The experience closes on April 13th 2020

You can buy tickets here.


2. After Dark, The Royal Ontario Museum

Photo: ROM Toronto

If you like food, music, visual arts, and pretty lights, you’ll love After Dark!

Every month The ROM will light up, literally, and an event will be held celebrating the arts, from 7pm-11:30pm. There will be rooms within the venue, dedicated to different experiences, including sampling food and drink from the local area and listening to jazz.

The four, distinctly themed events that have been announced so far are:

January 24th: Lunar
February 14th: Desire
March 6th: Sisterhood
March 27th: Woodland

You can buy tickets here.

These events are restricted to those aged 19+


3. Niagara Falls, Illuminated

Photo: fallsavenueresort

While the sun sets early in February, Niagara Falls is illuminated from 6.30pm until 1am, meaning that you can spend the whole evening staring at it, if you’d like.

The beauty of Niagara Falls needs no description and the light enhances this beauty, making it feel at though you’re in another, magical world. This makes it the perfect post-work, winter escape. It’s also free and you don’t need to book a place so great all-round!

4. DJ Skate Nights at Natrel Rink

Photo: towaterfront

DJ Skate Nights are back!

There’s no better way to take advantage of an icy Friday evening than skating around with your friends or partner while a DJ plays some brilliant tunes for you.

You can turn up to one of these events any Saturday between January 18th and February 14th and enjoy Toronto’s beautiful harbour.

You can buy tickets here.

5. Polar Dip, Toronto Zoo


This certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you’re brave and enthusiastic about polar bear conservation then you can raise some money at the 2nd Annual Polar Dip at Toronto Zoo.

Yes, this does involve immersing yourself in freezing cold water but it’s all for a good cause!

There is a fee of $50 for non-members and $40 for members but those participating are encouraged to have people sponsor them, to raise as much as possible for the cause.

The Polar Dip takes place on February 1st, 2020, at Toronto Zoo.

You can register to take part here.

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